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LA HA Ethnic

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    Posted: 21 March 2010 at 21:48
La Ha ethnic groups is 2,000 people residing in mountainous domain of the right bank of the Red River (Hoang Lien Son province) and basin domain Da (Son La province). By alternating long life, in the La Ha people today are Protestants, Thai and other ethnic groups. La Ha ethnic divide into two branches: La Ha Support (La Ha in the country) and Khla Phlao or La Ha Phlao (who runs the LA Ha).
La Ha ancestors who were early in northwestern Vietnam. Century XI - XII, the industry went to Thai Black natural domain, the ancestral residence of La Ha was in many places, with a lot of names recorded in ancient books Thai words.

Language La Ha Nam are classified as language systems - Asia. With language in Ha Tuyen Pu Peo, La Ha language many factors Mon - Khmer, Tay-Thai and Malayo - Polinnedia

According to legend, the ancestors of La Ha is one of the residents has opened the field of water in the valley basin western North Vietnam. Since the Thais came here, they have peace in the eastern Thai group.



Present the majority of our compatriots living mainly by farms growing corn and other sticky rice, sweet potatoes, cassava and cotton .... Characteristics of the type of economy is tight, has forests, to dry it, burn into ash, and cultivation method impetigo remove particles, leading to shifting cultivation, nomadic. Depending on the situation, each place can be divided into three levels:

1) Shifting cultivation, nomadic, living complete with farms.

2) Sale of cultivation or shifting cultivation and sale of residential living in farms combined to add a little water fields.

3) Dinh cultivation, settlement, living in the field work associated with farms.

At present however this type of farming but are still less developed in many places and is one direction to mobilize compatriots La Ha of cultivation, the settlement policy of the Party and Government. Cooperatives Pi Tay (Muong La), the Bung (Thuan Chau) are made at the farming, settled in this direction.

Besides planting, the La Ha longer breeding, weaving ruins, gathering, hunting and fishing special weaving fabric is developed.

Copies of the La Ha people are up in places convenient to Princess with field work pending rain. And are arranged in the form of collective security from the top 10 or more.

Compatriots in the floor, previously structured in two types:

a) Type in the interim from one to three years:

This is the type of nomadic groups living shifting cultivation. They often take the trees available to ngoam columns and bamboo, wood for carving up the processing less flexible. two feedback rounded oval long as two parties, our compatriots following the function called pigs (not trade) or perpendicular to the architecture of the business called thup odd. This type usually has a two year dilapidated, must fight to keep adding columns khăm poured out.

b) type of long years:

This type of group home residents sell settlement, cultivation or sale of settlement, the root. In the Thuan Chau, Muong La, the cell types commonly used by Thai Black - the top two floors to a roof frame tomorrow feedback constellation turtle.

On the layout of the house, the La Ha in Than Uyen retain many features national identity. In the often divided into two parts. An order permanently to the guests, often accounting for half or two thirds of the area. Where ancestor worship as they look different. Lo is the liep their home in bamboo weaving width 30-40 distribution, 1.60 m high partition placed between the owners and guests, to force the column next to the wine jars. Home arc no liep woven bamboo panels that only tofu wine column required to worship.

Compatriots eat sticky rice, rice shortage on the new or used glutinous rice mixed with corn, cassava.

La ha compatriots also to dye that black and eat betel. In some places they have to eat dried clay. This is similar to the Business practices in the Lap Thach, Vinh Phu province and elsewhere.

Costumes of the La Ha people like the Thais.

Under the Imperial regime and the four sides to create the wrong hands, the La Ha is one of the nations oppressed heavily exploited. They were captured as Pua - a form of forced labor of the service set out to create. Now create the rules, if people can not undertake Pua is known of the labor service planned to be paid in kind called nguot par. Nguot often provided to paddy, should also name Password nguot (paddy price).

Also be created where the cells do not start the meal, which started work last. Exploited this way allows them to pay to replace the labor nguot not limit translation for home.

Located in the apparatus of the dominant mode in each of the creation, the La Ha people often have a head called Khun installed. Assisting with set Khun Khun Khun tang and hardness. Funeral was on behalf of Khun Khun installed directly responsible to promote and supervise the meals for the creation. Khun hardness is responsible for security in the treatment. The third is where the government created the appointed place by also elected, but added the government must be approved. Khun own the set, payable to the receiving side made from 30-100 to buy the copper and silver (the short-mun). Paid in full amount, Khun enjoy the fine is set and the meat of animals available within the their charge. Also according to Thai law, Khun cai, Khun hardness divided the field called ná less (for the field).



Primary family right side was completely dominant in the society of La Ha.

Family wife totally dependent on her husband. After the full ritual of the wedding, the woman must be changed by their husbands. If the husband dies, the widow woman not allowed to go back with parents or relatives that have to live with his eldest son or the husband's relatives. Widow women are free to step again. At that ceremony just married design collection Coi Poong (security wedding) at home or in their husband died in ex-husband is enough. According to the concept of superstition, the La Ha said that life is only a husband or a wife officially. After death the couple will to "the afterlife" to continue reunification. So, before the death is not doing enough for dinner etiquette wedding collection ma phu (large rice wine), the son must do more to which parents are "reunion."

Assets in the husband's home, the wife has no right to arbitrarily use. When her husband died of the assets that belonged to his son. If no son inheritance, the husband and the brothers are completely processed.

Regardless of circumstances, while in law as well as after marriage, son, daughter were in their father. When he died, they were relatives of the father raised.

Father and members of their domestic sales have married daughter. When adult men and women find freedom, but want to become husband and wife must follow the father comments. Sons to be officially married to the groom from 4 to 8 years. This is the time of his son get paid the wife's parents raised her. Also sons have to pay three and a half Peeling gray-called pre-kha nang POM (first wife cost). Such procedures in-law is a remnant of marriage the wife of the residence period model system, has brought more people purchasing the content of social class.

In the La Ha, brotherhood means be considered as brothers intestine.

Current forms of primary family still reserves the right side. The marriage has improved towards progress. Compatriots are permanently out of marriage to purchase, keep in-law and gradually build family relations marriage under the laws of the state.



La Ha said that ancient people each have eight souls. Home at the top the soul, the soul in another mouth, nose, chin and not Four chi.Khi soul in another body, the dead. At that time the soul that turns into (KDA). If high normal, as the case that different variables into the code. Children die turns into that dick (KDA column), who died of love turns into ái KDA Plai, was stabbed dead by cutting turned into Klong KDA.

The ground, the old La Ha said that there is another world of that species. The forest that forest (KDA PA), rivers and streams that have water (KDA support), etc. ...

Today thanks to the education of the Party, thanks to the medical work has developed a strong currency so superstitious evil has gradually been removed.



La Ha people have to worship but also called to the church fathers. When he died the whole church that houses the liep then reconstructed liep pursue new goals that he (father's father) in Princess and then pick which parent to church. Mother died before his father's son on the dam wall on the top to indicate that the ancestors welcome to "the afterlife". When worship that Princess, La Ha people have to speak Thai diet since ancient ancestors have not used the other language. In contrast with his father in the home, fast cavalry no longer work.

Every year, on the occasion Leopard flourished, the La Ha conducted ceremony "happy spring" (le sinking back-up man) house thanks to his father raised.

Morning, the landlord invited to celebrate her son in the ceremony. They map a place away Marbled white and one for away; Map animals hunting has dried, sweet skulls, secret vote, and some vegetables grown on the Princess. Then, her home with each package of fresh banana leaves placed on wheels offering the kitchen. Compatriots call this Thanksgiving parents.

Near lunch, host a pig to start booking places to worship their parents. La Ha people drive applications pigs, the pigs used Khla phlao powder. Then they brought pigs to slaughter and boiled in the next nine days time in church as she continued to host a package map folds away blocks. When away about nine, she chue dem paddy seed, seed cotton strap around the house, expressed in the seed Princess. Marbled be poured away nine out tray for people to get together to eat buckets Left paintings, comments expressed wishes for the new production of tubers in the results.

Boss player and put pork on wheels, bÆ°ng to put parents in that church, and invited him to the same mo. When the wife at the family home and slaughter a pig and boiled nine pieces tightly localized to share with the owners for donations. Home for the Holidays House meeting with a package Coi wife Mook.

Dead, La Ha compatriots buried, not cremated according to the Thai Black. To prepare for the death continue to "live" in the other world, they were buried under the two paddy and money. Money, paddy was sprayed at the top middle, two arms and two heel - which is in the soul alive. Complete test integrity comedy is set up against a new landfill site and lifting the coffin to lower blood. The coffin was cloudy with a wood to coal, finished lower blood đám people to build each one put down the very land coffins to fill. The dead are raised embankments across the knee, square and surrounded by the trench for drainage. At the top and the legs are way out in the trench. Is raised above the roof against the two pillars holding the roof, the two sides by horizontal beams to support the giang two wings. Finally put away next basket, tray of rice, cigarettes tractors, container boxes of clothing, blankets and cushion ... Four plug four corners of the square flag is made of white cloth, gold. Surrounded by a fence and open the exit at the foot of the dead.

On his return, the right to đám khua mortars Rice to pursue that, and then primarily to step straight into the house. La Ha people put soul in the dead along the river to Sing Da Lang town south of Lai Chau. Then the Ha La supporters swept to double the Da River, also the La Ha phlao to double up the mountain forests.



Do community residents long, people have used La Ha Thai very fluently. Content folk poetry La Ha virtually expressed in Thai, often said to the people suffering as intense and Pua. There are many items have expressed plug the oppressive regime of exploitation is strong.

Looking back at the lives of the old La Ha said as long as very real suffering. They were the tao mode tooled French colonial oppression and exploitation. Production level of their less developed, low labor productivity, living unstable.

Song from the scenes of suffering which the cells were actively took part in the revolution. Many of the La Ha became the basis of resistance against France (1946 to 1952. There have mass La Ha you are raising some anonymous officials bouoots ăm net. There were mass arrested torture is barbaric, but ink is not a declaration, maintaining the facilities. Thanks to such achievements, many have been granted the certificate of merit awarded, merit and was awarded medals Government Resistance.

Western North is released. Under the leadership of the Party, Government, new life of freedom, equality has changed the old dark life. Ca dao in the new cell has shown that how so touched by the great changes that.

Peoples equal rights has been made. Compatriots have their representatives in the commune and district levels, there are several physician, nurses, teachers and staff for a cup exit to working families in the province. These have become the party's core leadership and to lead her children to eat.

Issue of real estate settlement now being implemented in the same cell La Ha. Pung Cuong from the shifting cultivation and sale of settlers moved west to Na cultivation, settled on the basis of a solid field, is a clear step changes of the cell. And now the West has merged with the Na of Pi (Thai) to cooperatives West Pi solid, praised the district and province. In areas along rivers or in communes Do not Lay Da Thuan Chau district, the cells are transferred into the land of Princess intensive farming and forestry.

Cooperative merger between the La Ha and Thai is a form of popular today. Main module in this new position, producing developing countries. life of the cell is to increase gradually.
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